Support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, we are proving humanitarian help to every Ukrainian trying to survive this war. We want every Ukrainian whose house was destroyed, whose life was damaged were able to return home. Help us to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. Stand with Ukraine!

Ukraine is the capital of great people

We provide fund distribution reports every week

People from all over the world have united in their will to help Ukraine. We appreciate everyone’s support! The VilnaUA goal is to increase donations to Ukraine and ensure the efficiency and transparency of their distribution. The Official platform protects you from delays, intermediaries, and fraud.

VilnaUA raises funds to be used in three directions:

Total collected:

$ 3 124 776

Current balance:

$ 145 562

Defence and

Products purchased with your support

  • Helmets

    44 496

  • Body armor

    48 189

  • Sets of uniforms

    65 569

  • Tactical underwear

    74 833

  • Tactical hats

    15 005

  • Shoes

    306 034

  • Night-vision device and thermal imaging camera


  • Jackets

    75 000

Humanitarian and
Medical Aid

Products purchased with your support

  • ALV apparatuses


  • X-ray surgical C-arm machines


  • Anesthesia machine


  • X-ray transparent operating table


  • Type C ambulances


  • ALV apparatuses for children


  • Мodular external fixator


  • Vacuum-assisted closure device



The renovation of damaged infrastructure will start soon

  • Collected

    $ 11 774 477

We are looking for companies or enterprises that can help Ukraine with specific needs

Donate via VilnaUA with only one click from anywhere in the world.
You can help by donating towards or sending in the supplies. The whole world will know about your help!

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